Why You Should Get Residential Ductwork Cleaned

The main reason why residential homes should have their ducts cleaned is because they accumulate dust! This accumulation can be the cause of a multitude of problems, including an increased need for dusting, poor heating and cooling performance, and musty odors through your home. While normal, repeated cycling of dust in a home can increase the need for air duct cleaning, other factors may push the air duct cleaning timetable forward even more, including:

  • Pets
  • Occupants with allergies or asthma
  • Cigarette or cigar smoke
  • Water contamination/damage to home or HVAC system
  • Home renovation or remodeling projects

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has listed poor indoor air quality as America's fourth-largest environmental threat. Some occupants are more sensitive to the contaminants within a residential HVAC system than others, so having a proper air duct cleaning performed to alleviate this issue is important.

How To Inspect your Home's Air Duct Vents

One of the most popular questions our customers ask when they begin researching the air duct cleaning process is how to determine whether the vents need cleaning. There are very simple ways to do this: using a screwdriver, remove a floor or wall register. With a mirror and flashlight, observe the condition of the ductwork. If you see that the vent contains any visible dust or debris, it is time to get the ducts taken care of. This process can also be done with a digital camera.


The Basics: Proper HVAC Cleaning Process

There are two key components to HVAC cleaning: breaking contaminants loose, and collection of contaminants.

Breaking Contaminants Loose
Properly cleaning HVAC systems requires removing the sources of contamination. Source removal begins with use of one or more agitation devices designed to loosen contaminants from the surfaces within the heating and air-conditioning system. Get Super Clean's Air Duct Cleaning utilizes the
“Flex-E-Bristle Brush” system through every vent in the home to agitate and remove your dirt and debris.

Collection of Contaminants
During cleaning, we have a continuous stream of suction to catch all of the debris floating in the air. This ensures that the dust and other particles doesn't just fall back onto the walls of the vent.

By trusting your home to us, we can guarantee that we will remove all organic material and prove it to you with a before and after video inspection.


Cost and Time Estimates

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As for timing, service usually runs between 3-5 man hours, which can vary depending on HVAC system set-up. The technicians can confirm with you the approximate completion time once they are on site.


Post-Cleaning Maintenance

There are a few things that you can do to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your HVAC system:

  • Get good filters—ask your contractor for a recommendation.
  • Clean/change the filters as needed (at least every two months)
  • Even with properly air duct cleaning and changing quality filters, the HVAC system will still become dirty over time. Have your system inspected every two years to determine whether your system needs to be cleaned again.

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